West Coast Rail Trail - Media / News http://www.westcoastrailtrail.com/about-us/news-blog/ Safety Warning http://www.westcoastrailtrail.com/about-us/news-blog/safety-warning.14/ 2016-01-18 2016-01-18 14:12:51 Paul <p>Highway at Hokitika End of Ross Rail Line:</p> <p>Some cyclists are reporting near misses with trucks on this short piece of highway that you have to cross. TAKE CARE. Walk your bike on the grass berm.</p> <p>This is especially an issue if you are cycling from Ross to Hokitika. If you ride from the end of the rail line onto the sealed highway and then up the Hill you are on a blind corner. Trucks like to approach this hill with a bit of speed on. But the hill is on a curve and its a blind corner so to pass you they still like to stay close to the outside of their lane....which is where you are.&nbsp; It is safest to get off your bike and walk it up this short section of the main highway to the turn off onto the Rimu Road section of the trail.</p> Day 4 Construction Progress http://www.westcoastrailtrail.com/about-us/news-blog/day-4-construction-progress.13/ 2014-10-10 2014-10-10 21:28:13 Paul <p>If you're planning to ride from Hokitika to Ross consider the weather as there is still a river to wade through. There is an unfinished bridge just before Ross over the Totara River which is about knee deep in fine weather. But it can quickly become dangerous if it is raining. Check conditions before you do this section. The last third of this day still has a rougher surface as it has not yet been finished. Some people are doing a circuit around Lake Mahinapua as their fourth days ride while others are doing the last part down the highway to avoid the river crossing.</p> Day 1: detour along highway for 2km required http://www.westcoastrailtrail.com/about-us/news-blog/day-1-detour-along-highway-for-2km-required.12/ 2014-09-22 2014-09-22 10:54:34 Paul <p>There is an awesome 110m swingbridge being built just before Kumara on day one. In the meantime the last 2km is on the highway. It is flat and straight so is easy to ride. Bridge should be open by mid December.</p>