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West Coast Rail Trail

Sherpa Shuttle

The "Sherpa Shuttle" service is your Cycle Trail's dedicated logistics and transport management system.

The Sherpa Shuttle System is gauranteed to get you, your bike, your luggage and even your vehicle at the right place and at the right time every time.

  • We will shift your bags every day to arrive at your next nights accommodation before you do.
  • Self catering? We will move your food for you each day in chilly bins.
  • Sherpa will get you and/or your bike back to your vehicle after your ride or help you position your vehicle so it is waiting for you when you get off the trail at the end of your visit.
  • You, your bike and your luggage are assigned unique bar codes that are scanned to track your transport needs everyday as you move along the trail ensuring a reliable and prompt service.

If you are doing a West Coast Rail Trail "Supported Cycle Package" on this site then the Sherpa Shuttle Service is automatically included in your package and you do not need to organise this seperately, it is taken care of for you.

Not on a package? That's OK. If you just want  a bag moved or a pickup when you come off the trail then the Sherpa can do that for you too. But you'll need to book the service you want as Transport only runs if booked in advance.


Departure Point & Times

The Sherpa Shuttle will pickup or drop off at your accommodation or from the Outfitters base and trail entry points listed below.

Pickup or delivery points are:

Sector One, Start Point Greymouth: at the West Coast Rail Trail Base, 8 Whall Street, Greymouth. (next to McDonalds)

Sector Two, at the Stone Pub Paroa. beside the main highway SH6 Paroa, at the Pub

Sector Three, at the Tramway Tavern next to Bridge 13

Sector Four, at the Theatre Royal Hotel in the Kumara Village on SH73. 

Sector Five, from the Lakes Hut.

Sector Six, from the Old Christchurch Road Canal Bridge

Sector Seven, no pickup available.

Sector Eight, at Cowboy Paradise, Milltown. It  is right beside the trail

Sector Nine, Lake Kaniere. Corner of Sunny Bight and Hans Bay Roads at the Lake.

Sector Ten, Kaniere Village. (this is not at the Lake) Pickup from the Kaniere Hotel.

Sector Eleven, Hokitika, pickup from Hokitika Cycle & Sports, 33 Tancred Street, Hokitika

Sector Twelve, pickup from the Tree Tops Walkway Cafeteria.

Sector Thirteen, Ross Gold Town Village, at the Ross General Store on the Main Road SH6.



If you are booking a "Supported Package" then these shuttles are included in that price.


Tel: (03) 768 6649 (within NZ)
Tel: +64 3 768 6649 (international) or

Your Privacy: Any information you give us to assist you in Planning a ride on the trail will not be passed on to a third party.

8 Whall St, Greymouth, West Coast, South Island, NZ