West Coast, South Island, NZ

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West Coast Rail Trail

S6: Lake Hut to Old CHCH Rd Bridge 7 kms

About this Ride

This page shows all of the trail's different sections for easy reference. To see these sector as part of trips then please view the half-day, day and multi-day rides tabs.

Allow 1 hour.

Features: Alpine Mirror Lakes, wetland2 boardwalk,rainforest ferns and mosses, birdlife.

This rail trail section follows a number of bush trams through rainforest, by alpine streams and past mirror-like lakes with amazing mountain reflections if you are there on a still day. The cycle path takes you across the Old Christchurch Road and follows a canal with great trout fishing and then it winds gently up the Kawhaka Valley. This valley has beautiful view points and will remind you of the New Zealand forests from Lord of The Rings with there ancient moss covered trees.

Once over the Pass you’ll coast along through virgin rainforest with massive Podacarp trees to the Swingbridge.Canyon.

You’ll want to spend a bit of time here as it is also a stunning place among many today. to Milltown which overlooks the Arahura Valley and has panoramic views towards the Tasman Sea.

Click Here to see a printable/saveable map of the sector, or click Trip Route to see a google maps version.

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