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West Coast Rail Trail

S3: Stone Pub to Tramway Tavern 7 kms

About this Ride

This page shows all of the trail's different sections for easy reference. To see these sector as part of trips then please view the half-day, day and multi-day rides tabs.

Allow 2 hours.

Features: Penguin Colony, Taramakau road-rail bridge, Tramway Tavern.

From the Paroa Stone Pub the trail then runs parallel to the highway (but not on it) for five kms before ducking near the coast again for a look at the Penguin area. (seasonal).

There is a small estuary off here where you can go on guided kayaking tours for a small fee. 

It then continues to the Taramakau Bridge or known as Bridge 13. It is a multi use single lane timber decked bridge which includes a train track. We reccommend that you get off your bike and walk it across the bridge as it is possible to get your bike tires caught in the train track with unpleasant consequences!!!

And across the bridge you'll find....Yes!    Another pub and café.

Click Here to see a printable/saveable map of the sector, or click Trip Route to see a google maps version.

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