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West Coast Rail Trail

NZ's Gold Coast: 3 Days

About this Ride

Hokitika>Lake Kaniere/Milltown> Kumara>Greymouth (3 days)

Day 1: 30km (4-5 hrs. Km posts 99-70)

Day 2: 40 km (6-7 hrs. Km Posts 70-30)

Day3: 30km (4 hrs. Km Posts 30 to 0)

Check in at 8am on Day 1 to the Cycle Trail Outfitters Base at 8 Whall Str, Greymouth to catch the Shuttle to the start of your ride.

 Features: Shipwreck Point causeway, gold & jade searches on the beaches, Jade Carvers. Rainforest Rail Trail, 3 x swing bridges, 1860’s Theatre Royal Hotel, Kumara Gold Heritage Town, Alpine Lakes, Wetlands Boardwalk, Cowboy Paradise, Hokitika Tourist Town, Kaniere Rail Line Cycle Path, water race cycle path, Lake Kaniere, some great downhill riding too.

Day 1: 30km (4-5 hrs. Km posts 99-70)

Following the Hokitika River, from Hokitika township, the Jade capital of New Zealand, you'll be riding the old Kaniere Rail Line to the Kaniere Village. From here the cycle trail follows a sealed back country road and then into a really nice rainforest section up to Lake Kaniere. Depending on where you are staying for the night some riders stay at the Lake while others continue to Cowboy Paradise.

Day 2: 40 km / 6-7 hrs. Km Posts 70-30

Depending on how much riding you'd like to do we can drop you off a Lake Kaniere to start your ride or further along the trail to the Milltown area in the Arahura Valley. Stop for a visit at Cowboy Paradise where you can get a coffee. This is set up as a wild west town with a wonderful Saloon.

You'll then pass over an amazing swing bridge (its quite sturdy) and make your way up a short climb to the top of Kawhaka Pass. Then its a long, great fun, downhill ride through stunning rainforest.

You then follow a number of bush rail trails from the logging days in the 1800's through rainforest, by alpine streams and past mirror-like lakes with amazing mountain reflections if you are there on a still day. The cycle path takes you across the Old Christchurch Road and follows a canal with great trout fishing too. This valley has beautiful view points and will remind you of the New Zealand forests from Lord of The Rings with there ancient moss covered trees.

Overnight at Kumara where we recommend a visit to the Theatre Royal Hotel, a refurbished 1860's Goldrush Hotel.

Day 3: 30km / 4 hrs. Km Posts 30 to 0

You’ll start today with aride down the historic Kumara Tramline. This rail line was built in the 1800’s to transport the gold miners from the coast to Kumara over ground that was to swampy for carriages and horses. It initially had wooden rails and was dead straight for much of the way. There's aslo another swing bridge that spans a gold miners gorge.

After the Taramakau Bridge the cycle trail then follows the old Coastal Timber Rail line running along the dunes just inside the West Coasts Gold bearing black sand beaches. This really is New Zealand’s Gold Coast. Bring a gold pan and you might strike it rich because there are plenty of people who are!

When you reach the Paroa Stone Pub it's a good place for some refreshments.

As you near Greymouth make sure you pedal out onto the Shipwreck Point Causeway which is a solid pier going out beyond the breakers giving some stunning views along the coast and to the Southern Alps with Mount Cook. It is also a great fishing spot. The trail then follow the old coal rail line to the wharf loading bays and their cranes, two monsters used for loading coal into ships. This takes you into Greymouth and the end of your ride.

Finish your ride with a Hot Spa and a glass of wine at the Cycle Trail Outfitters Base in Greymouth. We also have showers and changing rooms and luggage storage (free with bike rentals)

 Ways to Ride the Trail

Self Guided DIY Option: 

  • We provide comfort cycles with a puncture repair kit, drink bottle and helmets with a trail map from a Trail Base.
  • You do the trail at your own pace
  • You return your bike back to the Trail Base.
  • Shuttles are available but at an additional cost.

Guided Option: 

  • We provide comfort cycles with a drink bottle and helmets from a Trail Base.
  • Your guide helps you pace the day to suit your interests and energy levels as you go
  • You return your bike back to the Trail Base.
  • Shuttles are available but at an additional cost.
  • You will not get lost or miss anything on the way as you'll have your guides local knowledge.
  • They'll also help you meet interesting characters during your day and ensure you only pay locals rates for anything you purchase on your visit.
  • Your guide is a qualified first aid responder with a kit, is a bike mechanic, will repair any punctures for you and carries communications with them. 


Goldfields Overnight : 2 x 1/2 days.

Start in Greymouth at 1:30pm, overnight at Kumara and riding back the same way the next morning arriving Greymouth at 12 midday $990 for 2 people 

Start in Greymouth at 1:30pm, overnight at Kumara and catching the shuttle back to Greymouth from Kumara at 11:15am                $1170 for 2 people

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Frequently asked questions....

What accommodation is there? 

There is a range of accommodation along the trail which we will arrange for you. On the Trip Planning form you will be able to include what accommodation you want and in what price range.

What happens to my bags?

We can move your bags for you each day so that they are at your accommodation when you get there. On the Trip Planning form you can indicate how many bags you want shuttled.

How do I get me and my bike back to the start?

We will also shuttle you and your bike and bags at the end of your ride so indicate that to us on the Trip planning form as well. Alternately we can shuttle your vehicle to you when you finish your ride.

What do I get if I purchase a Package with you for my cycle ride?

Everyone has different requirements so we email you a Ride Planning Form/ It details all the aspects of your ride that you need to consider. Then you indicate what you would like us to do for you. Email it back and we will give you a price along with a list of the inclusions you asked for. We will let you know if we think you have left anything out.

How do I get to the start?

As part of your package we can arrange transport to or from Christchurch. You indicate this to us on the Planner if you want us to do this 

8 Whall St, Greymouth, West Coast, South Island, NZ