West Coast, South Island, NZ

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West Coast Rail Trail

Rainforest Cruise

A relaxing cruise by Jungle Boat amongst the primeval giants of our rain forests. In thetraditions of our early explorers, by Jungle Boat we follow the route of ‘Te Ara Pounamu’-the greenstone pathway. This is part of the trail used by ancient Maori greenstone jade traders on their way to the West Coast jade fields. This gentle flat water float trip through some of the worlds most hauntingly beautiful rainforest scenery teaches you how we preserve the delicate balance between one of natures oldest ecosystems and today’s modern use of this environment. Here you can experience absolute silence which is only broken by the occasional birdcall. Touch the silence while drifting by this prehistoric world of huge podocarp rainforest trees with some of the areas bird life. The dark waters are tinged with tannin from the rainforest giving you an eerie feeling of timelessness and spirituality. You will leave with a sense of rejuvenation from your visit with nature today.


8 Whall St, Greymouth, West Coast, South Island, NZ