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West Coast Rail Trail

Arahura River Cesspools Walk

By definition a cesspool is “a sewage pit or morally disgusting place”.
The Cesspool Gorge on the upper Arahura River in no way resembles
that definition. Maybe, in some long-ago NZ time, this river gorge was
trashed by mining and such…but nowadays the river runs pure, though
stuck with the uninviting name. The Cesspool Gorge, reached via a long
drive from Hokitika and then a short walk, is a fabulous swimming hole on
the crystal-blue Arahura. Making the scene even more interesting is an
old-timey swingbridge spanning the gorge—one of the older ones without
wood planking, just wiring…making for a real swinger! The pool is rimmed
with boulders to sun on/leap from and there are also sandy and grassy
areas beside the river to picnic/sun/hang out. Of course, a sunny day sure
helps to enjoy a swimming hole in Westland.

2 km walk off the side of the cycle trail.

8 Whall St, Greymouth, West Coast, South Island, NZ