West Coast, South Island, NZ

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Welcome to West Coast Rail Trail

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It's Four Days and 122 kms of  Relaxing Fun 

Day 1:  Greymouth to Kumara (27.6 kms),

Day 2:  Kumara to Milltown (32.5 km),

Day 3:  Milltown to Hokitika (30.1 km),

Day 4:  Hokitika to Ross (32.4 km),

The whole trail is split into sectors, do as many or as few sectors as you like.
These sectors look great! Check out the photo gallery.

Here is what the West Coast Trail is all about.

It's about having Fun times with friends… joined by a bike.

Your ride can take 4 days or 4 hours with many exit points

A photographers paradise: wild coasts, alpine lakes, lush rainforests

A Land peppered with country pubs, city cafes and the Rogues and Rascals of the Gold Rush both dead and alive

Birdwatchers: 54 species visit the first wetland on day one alone

Fishing: We are famous for fish. Trout, deep sea, salmon, surf casting

Do a deal with one of the many backyard jade wood and bone carvers

Some of the Activities on route Shantytown, White and BlackwaterRafting, Zip lining, Kayaking, 4x4 Mud Park, Jade Carving, Glow-worms, Rainforest Cruise, farm visit, fishing, Montieths Brewery, and of course the West Coasts awesome Wild Foods menus every where.

And I’ll eat my hat if you cant find yourself some gold or Jade to take home

The West Coast: Arrive as a visitor but you’ll leave as a friend

Your Privacy: Any information you give us to assist you in Planning a ride on the trail will not be passed on to a third party.

8 Whall St, Greymouth, West Coast, South Island, NZ

West Coast Rail Trail

West Coast Rail Trail

West Coast Rail Trail

West Coast Rail Trail

West Coast Rail Trail

West Coast Rail Trail

West Coast Rail Trail